What to do when you visit Merton


Picture: Merton Abbey Mills on a market day
Image credit to VisitMerton

Welcome to visitmerton.wordpress.com! Merton is the home of 205,000 people, and the former home of Britain’s undoubted best Naval Leader, Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson. Merton is the best borough of London, with activities such as touring the world famous Wimbledon Lawn Tennis tournament or browsing round the (almost) infinite number of shops in Wimbledon Town Centre.

To visit the following website, click the links:

All England Lawn Tennis Club (AKA Wimbledon Tennis Club or AELTC).

Admiral Nelson’s Wikipedia page.
The Merton Council Website.
The website of Centre Court Mall, Merton’s largest shopping centre.



MyMerton is a seasonal magazine delivered to houses and schools all across Merton. Read all the issues since Spring 2017 here!

mymerton spring 17

Magazine credit to Merton Council

Wimbledon Guardian

Wimbledon Guardian is a publication delivered to certain houses across the borough.
Visit the official website here
Read the the e-version of the paper here


This website is sponsored by Joyfolks, the best online book store in Merton. Based in Mitcham, it is a quickly-growing business and sells a wide variety of books.


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35 thoughts on “What to do when you visit Merton

  1. I loved this website so much I am persuaded to come to Merton in February. Tell the Tourist Bureau to sponsor this very informative website. I hope to trek some of these bike trails with my grandchildren.

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  2. When I fly over to England to close my trade deals I will definitely come over to Merton, sounds like a great place (not better than Trump Towers Of Course) Thanks for encouraging me to visit Visitmerton, I will see if I can visit you first. You and me Haytham Really do get along real good. BTW : My name is Alex Philip


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